This Story Is Not About Us, It's About You and How You Help Children Received An Education

What started as a way to raise funds for local and global projects, quickly evolved into KLäSeT. In 2014, we took a trip to Uganda to visit an orphanage. The children captured our hearts and so did the community, so we started a non profit to help these children and the community but donations quickly dried up. We needed an idea to raise funds to support our programs, and KLäSeT was born. We took our passion in fashionable wear and turned it into a business.  We use part of our sales revenue to fund projects in Uganda, specifically the Kiduusu Greenland School and the surrounding communities. So your purchase matters in changing the life of a child. Learn more here.


Taken in 2016 at the Kiduusu Greenland School


KLäSeT is a social marketplace enterprise selling discounted fashionable merchandise from merchants around the world, while empowering children in receiving an education.

Our mission is to sell fashionable merchandise from merchants who do not have a global platform while funding educational programs through our sister non-profit organization, Rise Through CHANGE. Learn more about Rise Through CHANGE.

 KLäSeT is a registered LLC in the state of Florida, US. Rise Through CHANGE is a registered 501c3 non-profit organization in the state of Florida, US.