Founded in 2014, the mission of Rise Through CHANGE is to Challenge Healthcare, Attain Nutrition and Grow Education for children everywhere through self sustainable solutions.

The idea of Rise through CHANGE began when Dionne and Carlos met in 2013 while volunteering at an orphanage in Uganda. Both quickly fell in love with not only the village they were assigned to but also the children. Both kept connected after returning home and discussed the idea of starting a non-profit to benefit the school they were working with, and Rise Through CHANGE was born.

Since then, Rise Through CHANGE has supported two schools in Uganda - donating hundreds of kilos of rice purchased from a local merchant (never brought over from the host country), purchased a 10,000 liter water tank providing clean drinking water for the school, while continuing to sponsor the schools. Rise Through CHANGE was also able to provide disaster relief in Nepal after a major earthquake by providing over $1,000 in supplies such as tents, ropes, food and transportation. Locally in Orlando FL, Rise Through CHANGE has provided hundreds of canned food for local pantries, baseball scholarship program and hundreds of dollars in toys for a Christmas drive.